Digital Lavender Nails Are the New Neutral

Lavender nail polish and nail art are having a major moment right now. With Pantone naming “Digital Lavender” the 2023 Color of the Year and the rise of neutral nails, shades of light purple are trending for spring and summer manicures. From glamorous chrome powders to simple purple polish, lavender nails are pretty, playful, and surprisingly versatile.

In this article, we’ll explore why lavender nails are so popular, the different lavender nail looks you can try, and products to help you get the perfect at-home manicure. Read on for inspiration for your next salon visit or DIY session!

What Are “Digital Lavender” Nails?

“Digital lavender” specifically refers to a pale, milky lavender shade with a cool undertone and iridescent shimmer. The futuristic sheen gives a neutral polish and a modern, stylish twist.

The term was coined by trend forecasters WSGN and Coloro, who chose it as 2023’s top nail color based on runway shows and real-world nail art trends. Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec explains that the reflective quality makes digital lavender nails feel special while still being subdued enough for everyday wear.

Unlike last year’s glazed donut nails, digital lavender doesn’t have to be dripping in chrome powder or glitter. A simple sheer purple polish with a hint of shimmer captures the look nicely. The versatility is part of what makes it so appealing!

Products to Create “Digital Lavender” Nails At Home

Recreating digital lavender nails at home is easy with the right polishes and top coats. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Zoya Nail Polish in Lav[1] – A sheer milky lavender packed with shimmer. The perfect one-step digital lavender polish.
  • Dior Vernis in Lavande[2] – A creamy lilac shade with a luminous finish. Apply two coats for a stronger color payoff.
  • Sundays No. 19[3] – A sheer dusty purple nail polish made with care for healthy nails.
  • KBShimmer Clearly On Top[4] – A clear holographic topper that adds a futuristic sparkle.

We also recommend having chrome powder on hand for next-level shine. Apply it over any light purple polish to transform it into a glam digital lavender mani.

For a glossy top coat that smooths and protects, try Seche Vite. Just remember to apply it when the polish is still slightly tacky.

The Best Lavender Nail Designs Perfect For Your Next Mani!

Beyond digital lavender, there are endless pretty and playful ways to wear shades of light purple on your nails this spring and summer. From simple color blocks to intricate nail art, here are some of our favorite lavender nail design ideas to inspire your next manicure:

Simple Lavender Nail Designs

  • Solid lavender polish – For understated elegance, a cream or shimmery polish in a single lilac hue is all you need. Go for a deeper tone for drama or try pale purple for a softer look.
  • Lavender French tips – Bare nails with just the tips painted in light purple are chic and clean. Try on natural nails or bright white tips for extra pop.
  • Lavender ombre – Fade your polish from dark lavender to pale purple, or do a contrasting ombre with nude and lavender. The gradient effect is mesmerizing.

Creative Ways to Wear Lavender Nails

  • Lavender leopard print – Paint on black leopard spots over a light purple base for an edgy twist. Use a striping brush for sharp lines.
  • Lavender cow print – The trendy cow print mani looks super cute in purple! Paint little black cow spots over a lilac base.
  • Lavender marble – Mix purple and white polish then swirl with a brush or toothpick. The streaky marble effect pairs perfectly with lavender’s dreamy vibe.
  • Lavender glitter ombre – Apply glitter gradient starting mid-nail in your base color then switch to a shimmery lavender. Sparkly purple tips elongate nails!
  • Lavender chrome – Paint nails a solid chrome powder for a dynamic digital lavender look. Intensify with a dark purple base.
  • Lavender flowers – Add pretty floral nail art using purple and pink polish – lavender’s complementary color. Accent with rhinestones or glitter.

With so many options, it’s easy to see why shades of light purple make the perfect spring and summer manicures. The sweet, calming color looks gorgeous on all skin tones and pairs well with other polish hues.

So next time you book a salon visit or DIY manicure, consider embracing one of these beautiful lavender nail designs. Your nails will look oh-so-lovely!

I hope this draft article provides helpful and engaging information on lavender nail trends and designs. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the content further. I’m happy to refine it to best meet your needs.

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