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CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) was founded in 1959 in Los Angeles by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones as one of the first software companies. It initially provided programming tools and software services to major computer manufacturers like IBM and Honeywell.

Over the decades, CSC evolved into a global leader in next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions across industries. Before its merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s services business in 2017, CSC generated over $8 billion in annual revenues.

CSC’s Industry Focus

CSC historically focused on providing IT services, business solutions, and consulting expertise to clients in industries like:

  • Energy and utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector (government)
  • Transportation
  • Financial services

Specific service offerings included cloud solutions, cybersecurity, application management, business process outsourcing, and more. A major portion of CSC’s business came from US federal government contracts, which accounted for 31% of 2015 revenues (over $3.7 billion). CSC was one of the largest IT services providers to US public sector entities like NASA, FBI, and various arms of the Department of Defense.

Details on the CSC Logo

  • The red arrow represents persistent electric current from zero resistance in superconductors
  • The four golden lines show the Meissner effect of magnetic field exclusion in superconductors
  • The green X symbolizes a Josephson junction, allowing electric current to flow between superconductors
  • The logo ties into the Nobel prize-winning research in superconductivity that enabled many technological innovations

Usage Guidelines

  • The CSC logo belongs exclusively to the company and cannot be altered without permission
  • Partners, RSOs, and CBs can use the logo per CSC’s license agreement terms
  • Unauthorized or false use of the logo has consequences including legal action

Recent Rebranding

In 2017, CSC rebranded to have a refreshed visual identity, retaining its recognizable acronym but adding an infinity symbol to signify continuous evolution. The new branding reflects CSC’s focus on integrated IT solutions for clients.

Significance of Logos

Logos encapsulate a company’s mission, values, identity, and industry focus. The CSC logo projects an innovative, technology-driven image backed by groundbreaking research – fitting for a leader in next-gen IT services.


CSC established itself as a leader in next-generation IT services and solutions, with a significant presence across commercial industries and government sector clients. Its merger with HPE’s Enterprise Services business created one of the world’s largest pure-play IT services companies, DXC Technology.

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