Tips on West Virginia Health and Wellness

West Virginia is a beautiful state boasting the best of the Mid-Atlantic, from the rugged Appalachians to a network of pristine rivers.

The state’s natural beauty complements its rich heritage and the friendliness and generosity of its people. Like other states, however, the Mountain State faces unique challenges.

Health and wellness continue to pose a challenge to West Virginians, which showed in the state’s 47th rank in a 2022 annual health ranking report.

Promoting health and wellness as a statewide initiative would help address health challenges. Let’s look at tips to improve health and wellness for West Virginians.

Healthy Eating

Unhealthy eating habits are a source of concern in West Virginia, resulting in high obesity and overweight rates associated with increased risks of serious medical conditions and chronic diseases.

As a resident, you can take action against unhealthy eating and its consequences by working on your diet. Try cutting out highly processed food items and replacing them with healthier options.

For example, you could substitute sugar with honey or soft drinks with fresh juice.

Since what you eat greatly impacts your overall health, enriching your diet with fruits and veggies is crucial for your well-being.

Routine Medical Care

Preventing health problems is always better than seeking a cure. West Virginians can benefit from this approach on the individual and community level.

It would be easier to manage health issues by encouraging healthcare workers and locals to promote awareness for early detection.

You want to stay on top of your health goals by getting regular checkups and screenings. This way, your healthcare provider can monitor, detect, and manage health problems early.

Outdoor Life

The Mountain State is uniquely designed to cater to outdoor lovers’ interests. You have a heavily rugged terrain courtesy of the Appalachians, which provide all sorts of activities.

If you’re more drawn to water, numerous rivers and lakes across the state encourage getting outside and being more active.

Embrace outdoor adventure in these places to improve your physical and mental well-being. If you have difficulty committing to the gym, adopting an outdoor lifestyle makes it easier to stay physically active and reap the health benefits that come with it.

Community Engagement

Engaging actively with your community can have a positive impact on your health. You could participate in local events and activities that promote wellness and build strong connections with like-minded individuals.

You will find that the sense of community and physical activities in these settings have an all-rounded effect on your well-being.

Work-Life Balance

One of the primary causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues is poor work-life balance. 

When you struggle to balance your professional and personal lives, your health will likely suffer. Besides physical problems like fatigue and pain, your mental health may also deteriorate.

West Virginia’s robust economy may drive the demand for productivity and high performance at the workplace, but it could also contribute to poor health.

Try prioritizing a fulfilling life by giving equal importance to work and the things you love for long-term well-being.

Alternative Therapies

As part of your health goals in West Virginia, you could explore alternative therapies to supplement medical care in less serious situations.

Studies show that some forms of alternative therapy, like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and herbal preparations, can relieve many ailments. And since these are natural remedies, using them eliminates the risk of adverse effects.

Marijuana, for instance, is an herb with medicinal properties that you can use as a natural remedy. The fact that the Mountain State legalized marijuana for medical use is a plus.

You will need to set up an appointment with a registered marijuana physician for evaluation. If you qualify, you will receive a doctor’s certification, which you can use to apply for a marijuana card.

Having a marijuana card allows you to buy and consume medical cannabis in the state. This site can guide you through the steps for becoming a registered cardholder.

Final Thoughts

West Virginia may be one of the states struggling to improve health and wellness. But it also has a rich environment that supports individual and community-driven solutions.

By promoting health awareness, individuals, organizations, and communities can start working towards a healthier state.

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