How to Install Google Meeting on PC ( Free Guide )

Are You Looking for how to install google Meeting on PC, Laptop, MAC?

If so, you should read on. this article will show you. Step-by-Step.

How to install Google Meetings on your Device.

Google Meeting is a great way to get a group of people together for a video conference. 

It’s easy to use, and any computer can get to it ( Laptop, PC or Mac ). 

So if you’re looking to get started with video conferencing, read on!

How to install Google Meeting On Pc, Laptop or Mac

Google Meet is available on all major platforms including android and ios it is integrated with gmail and google calendar.

if you want to access Google Meet on your pc you don’t need to download it.

All you have to do is follow these very easy steps.

First go to the google meet website by typing

on your chrome browser sign in with the username and password.

once you’re on this page then click on this three dotted icon

After that click on more tools and click on create shortcut here you can see

that a pop-up window has appeared

you can set the name here i will keep the name as google meet

Click on Create button

Let me minimize it here you can see that the icon for Google Meet has been created on my desktop.

i can simply double click on it and use it

Here you can see that google me automatically opens all my chrome web browser

if i click on this three dotted icon again you will see the Open in Google Meet option

if i click on it then you can see that google meet opens like an App you can see

Here you can find a separate icon for google me

google meet which we have opened in the chrome web browser is also there and here’s a separate icon for google me that’s a shortcut.

that’s how you can easily access google meet from your laptop and start your meeting with a simple click

the app is really easy to use and the best part about it is that you don’t need any extra hardware or software to run Google Meeting on your PC.

to make things even better, you can now install Google Meeting for PC! After you have installed this application, just head over to the website to get started with the meeting. Do note though that if you want a full-featured desktop version of this app, there might be some limitations as well. But at least now it should be easier for everyone around who wants to participate in a video call from their PCs.

After following the steps above, you can now start your Google Meeting on PC. You just have to log in with your account details and use any of your Android or iOS device. Keep in mind that this app only supports web conference calls. Apart from this major setback, it is a lightweight app that does not occupy much storage space on devices.

Installing Google Meeting is a very simple task and anyone can do it with the help of the steps listed above. Just follow the guide carefully and you will be able to download, install, use and share your presentations easily.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this, just leave them in the comments section below.


Do I need to install Google Meet on my PC?

On your PC, all you have to do to use Google Meet is open the Google Meet website. You don’t need to download an app to use Google Meet because you can sign in from your browser. You can also join a Google Meet meeting by clicking the Meet link that is sent to you in your browser.

Can I download Google Meet for free?

Free Google Meet accounts for individuals
Going forward, Meet will be available to anyone for free on the web at and via mobile apps for iOS or Android
For Step by Step Guide CLICK HERE

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