Techfelts is an online web-based platform that allows users to restore deleted or lost data such as photos, videos, and documents. It uses an uncomplicated interface that does not require technical skills, making it easy for beginners to use.

Unique Features of Techfelts

  • Straightforward interface requiring no technical expertise
  • Buffering-free process for smooth usage
  • Ability to recover deleted or lost photos, videos, documents
  • Blogs to enhance user knowledge about the latest tech trends
  • Innovation in digital data recovery space

Steps to Access Techfelts

As Techfelts is a web-based platform, users can access it by:

  1. Going to the Techfelts website
  2. Creating an account
  3. Logging into their account

Navigating the Techfelts Website

Techfelts does not have a dedicated mobile app available on platforms like the Play Store. Instead, users access Techfelts’ services directly through their website. Despite not having a standalone app, the Techfelts website provides a smooth and comprehensive user experience for accessing its recovery tools and guides. Users can navigate between different sections like Techfelts Voice Changer, video call services, and photo recovery options. The website has an intuitive interface that acts as an information hub on all things recovery-related. This allows even beginner users to easily find their way around the site and use the various digital data recovery services offered.

Features of TechFelt App

  1. It is free to use, so users don’t have to pay to recover their lost photos, videos, documents, etc.
  2. It allows recovering photos, videos, and files that were deleted from devices or cloud storage. Users can get back data they had removed.
  3. The app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate and quickly recover data. This saves users time.
  4. It offers smooth progress updates during the scanning and recovery process. Users know the status at every step.
  5. The app can recover data from both Android and iOS devices. It also has a desktop version for advanced recovery on computers.
  6. Along with photos and videos, the TechFelt app also enables the recovery of documents and other file formats that were deleted.
  7. It ensures complete security of recovered files which remain accessible only to the user.
  8. The data recovery process is quite fast. Users don’t have to wait long periods to retrieve their lost data.

Techfelts App: How to get back your Photos?

  1. Visit the Techfelts website and click on the “Search for Lost Photos” option. This will initiate the photo recovery process.
  2. Techfelts will then scan the device and cloud storage to identify deleted photos that can be recovered. This scanning process is usually fast and smooth.
  3. Once the scan is complete, Techfelts displays all the deleted photos that it found. Users can preview and select the photos they wish to recover.
  4. Finally, users have to click the “Recover” button to restore the selected photos. The photos can be recovered either to the device’s gallery or the Techfelts cloud storage.
  5. For photos deleted over 6 months ago, users may have to download a separate Techfelts app. This specialized app can dig deeper and recover older deleted photos.

How To Operate Techfelts: A Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit Techfelts website and create an account
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on the relevant section based on the type of data you want to recover (photos, videos, etc.)
  4. Upload the device data or select the restore option
  5. Techfelts scans device data and shows recoverable files
  6. Preview and select files you want to recover
  7. Click on the recover button to restore files to the account or device


Techfelts facilitates easy and quick photo recovery through its website for recently deleted photos. And for older photos, it offers a dedicated app that expands the recovery capacity further.

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