Is Hisense a Good Brand of TVs? Shocking Truth Inside

So You’re Wondering: Is Hisense a Good Brand of TVs? Find out the answer in our comprehensive review. Unbiased insights into Hisense’s performance, features, and user satisfaction to help you make an informed decision for your next TV purchase.

Is Hisense a Good Brand of TVs

Is Hisense a Good Brand of TVs?

Most of the time, yes. The majority of Hisense TVs are reliable enough and can last for more than 5 years. They are durable enough and about the same as other cheap TV names like TCL and Vizio. But Hisense had problems with quality control, and reviews from customers say that their customer service isn’t always helpful.

When it comes to buying a new television, you want quality but don’t want to break the bank. And you keep hearing about this Hisense brand – are their TVs legit or too good to be true? I get you, it can be confusing trying to figure out if you can really trust an affordable TV to deliver the goods.

As someone who’s reviewed lots of TVs over the years, I’d say Hisense deserves your consideration if you want great performance without premium prices. People are often skeptical of cheaper brands, but Hisense packs some serious display technology into its 4K and even 8K TVs.

I’ll be straight with you – Samsung and LG TVs do edge out Hisense in some areas like motion processing and HDR brightness.

But boy does Hisense come surprisingly close in picture quality for the fraction of the cost. And did I mention these TVs are loaded with streaming apps, easy to use platforms, voice control – basically all the smart features you’d want?

Don’t just take my word for it. Plenty of thrilled Hisense owners report back after years of use that their TVs still deliver amazing picture quality and sound. Many say these TVs exceeded their expectations for such affordable prices.

Of course, some lemons with technical problems do slip through like with any brand. But overall Hisense sets seem pretty well built and reliable.

I’ve seen people worrying about getting scammed with these TVs that are significantly cheaper than a Samsung or Sony.

Rest assured Hisense is a legit international brand – they’ve put billions into R&D and sell TVs globally. By keeping costs low but prioritizing quality, Hisense gives the big guys a run for the money.

So if you find a Hisense 4K TV with features you want at a price you feel comfortable with, I’d say don’t be afraid to dive in. Just make sure to buy from authorized sellers and you’ll be set with a very capable TV that should serve you well for years without breaking the bank. That’s my take as an honest reviewer and consumer advocate.

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How Good is Hisense TVs in terms of quality?

Hisense has grown from China’s electronics industry to become one of the world’s leading television manufacturers. But how does the brand stack up when it comes to important buying considerations for TVs? This comprehensive evaluation will determine if Hisense is a good TV brand for consumers based on technical specs, performance, features and value.

Hisense Picture Quality

When evaluating display performance, Hisense TVs match up well against competitors in terms of resolution, color, contrast, HDR and local dimming. The company’s proprietary ULED technology offers enhanced color gamut, higher peak brightness and better motion handling.

Models with quantum dot QLED panels also provide excellent picture quality rivaling flagship QLED TVs of big brands but at lower prices.

Reviews confirm that budget Hisense sets can deliver very good 4K picture quality for the affordable costs while high-end models like those with ULED perform even better. Hisense is also integrating premium OLED panels on selected TVs for exceptional image quality.

Hisense Display Technology

Hisense televisions utilize a wide variety of display technologies, ranging from the more affordable LCD and direct LED backlighting to the more premium ULED and OLED displays.

In higher-end models, pure vivid colors and outstanding brightness are achieved through the incorporation of quantum dots.

Additionally, in order to achieve higher contrast, the company is incorporating the latest generation of Mini-LED backlighting.

Resolution and HDR

The majority of Hisense TVs have a resolution of Ultra HD 4K, which provides crisp details and can upscale material with a lesser resolution.

Support for high dynamic range in the form of HDR10, Dolby Vision, and hybrid log-gamma increases contrast and brightness for excellent playback of HDR material.

Color and Contrast

Hisense TVs are capable of achieving a wide range of colors that is near to 100% of the DCI-P3 standard as well as high contrast ratios, which results in pictures that are startling and true-to-life.

These developments include ULED and quantum dot panels. On premium sets, local dimming is included to further improve contrast. 

Motion Handling

Hisense televisions feature motion enhancement technologies such as Natural Motion, which help to eliminate blurring in fast-paced action scenes and sporting events.

When rotating the focus or viewing content that is moving quickly, this causes the graphics to be jitter-free and smooth.

Smart TV Features

Most new Hisense TVs run on Google’s Android smart TV OS and offer access to the Google Play store with thousands of apps. Some models use Roku TV or Hisense’s own VIDAA OS.

Features like built-in Chromecast allow easy media streaming while Far Field Voice controls enable hands-free voice commands. Parents can also control content access through parental controls.

Advanced technologies like AI image processing help boost picture quality in real-time based on the type of content viewed.

Support for Alexa and Google Assistant allows TV control via voice activated smart home devices. Overall, Hisense smart TVs provide an adequate smart TV experience on par with competing brands.

Hisense Operating System

Hisense smart TVs are equipped with a number of different operating systems, including Google Android TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Hisense’s in-house developed VIDAA platform.

These operating systems give users access to the most popular apps and streaming services. 

Voice Control

Hisense televisions are equipped with either Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Hisense’s very own speech solution, which enables hands-free voice control.

Voice commands allow users to do a variety of things, like searching for content, adjusting settings, controlling smart home devices, and more. 

Gaming Features

While Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode assure smooth frame rates and lag-free images when playing console games, Dedicated Game Mode reduces the amount of time it takes for inputs to be processed, making gaming more enjoyable. 

Hisense Reliability and Durability

In terms of reliability, Hisense TVs get mixed feedback based on user reviews. Some report issues like backlight bleed, faulty panels, laggy software, etc. on select models.

But a majority praise the TVs for reliable everyday performance even with extensive usage. Many customers have owned Hisense TVs that lasted 5 years or longer in good working condition.

The build quality is said to be decent though not as premium as more expensive brands.

Most issues seem tied to faulty components instead of construction. Many reviews mention excellent customer service from Hisense for troubleshooting and repairs as needed.

Overall, Hisense TVs can be considered moderately reliable based on reviews.

Speakers and Audio

Hisense televisions come standard with DTS sound technology that delivers studio-quality sound and speakers that have been adjusted by audio professionals.

Subwoofers, Dolby Atmos surround sound decoding, and enough watts are all included in higher-end versions, which allow for powerful, room-filling sounds.

Remote and Voice Control

Hisense delivers full-function remotes that are easy to use, in addition to possibilities for advanced hands-free voice control via integrated versions of Google Assistant, Alexa, and other virtual assistants.

Voice commands allow users to change channels, search, control playback, and manage devices throughout their smart homes. 

Is Hisense TVs Value for Money?

Priced much lower than premium offerings from Samsung, LG and Sony, Hisense TVs are widely praised for their value.

The affordable costs coupled with very good display tech and smart features make Hisense models a budget-friendly option. While pricier than discount brands, Hisense brings better quality in key aspects like 4K, HDR, smart OS, etc.

Consumers looking for good performing 4K TVs with smart connectivity at low prices will find Hisense models a worthwhile pick. Though some quality concerns exist on select models, the vast majority of Hisense TVs represent excellent bang for the buck.

Overall, Hisense can certainly be considered a good TV brand from a value-for-money perspective. The company produces a wide range of 4K UHD and even 8K television models equipped with the latest display and smart technologies but at relatively affordable price points.

While premium brands understandably perform better, Hisense TVs offer very good performance and features that rival them at lower costs.

Minor quality control issues do exist but the majority of Hisense TVs work great for years. For budget-conscious buyers wanting good performing smart 4K TVs, Hisense is surely one of the top brands to consider.


Excellent Budget Brand for Most Buyers

With its heavy R&D focus and manufacturing scale, Hisense is able to pack its TVs with leading display technologies and smart connectivity at affordable pricing.

While premium brands understandably perform better, Hisense delivers satisfactory quality for most buyers.For those wanting great home entertainment without overspending, Hisense emerges as a quality and value-packed TV brand.


Why is Hisense so cheap?

Hisense TVs are affordably priced mainly due to the company’s lower profit margins, large-scale manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration that minimizes costs. Their focus is providing value and quality at cheaper price points than major brands.

Is Hisense better than Samsung?

Overall Samsung TVs are considered better than Hisense in terms of display quality, smart features, and reputation. But Hisense provides comparable specs and technologies at much lower prices.

Who makes the Hisense brand?

Hisense Company Ltd., a Chinese multinational consumer electronics company with its headquarters in Qingdao, manufactures and designs Hisense TVs. They own and operate numerous factories in China that produce Hisense-branded TVs.

Is Hisense a high-end brand?

No, Hisense is considered a budget-friendly brand geared towards value-focused consumers. But it incorporates premium technologies like ULED and quantum dot displays into higher-end models at cheaper prices than high-end brands.

Which is better between LG and Hisense?

LG TVs are generally better than Hisense, known for superior OLED display and smart TV capabilities. However, Hisense offers similar features and performance to LG’s LED/LCD models at more affordable pricing.

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