Implementing Real-Time Tracking: Ensuring Transparency in Delivery App

According to Restaurant Business, over half of customers who have had some kind of food delivery error have asked for a refund. If a delivery was late, that left nearly half of all Gen Xers and Baby Boomers upset. It’s not uncommon for these unsatisfied customers to jump ship to another app or blacklist restaurants.

The best way to reduce logistic errors when you build a food delivery app is to use real-time tracking. This allows you to hold your employees accountable and helps ease the customer’s concerns.

Here is why you need real-time tracking and how to implement it.

The Importance of Real-Time Tracking

When you design your app for the first time, you need to consider how well you can deliver customer satisfaction. This can involve multiple things from answering customer questions to providing control over every step of the process.

Real-time tracking serves two main purposes. First, they allow the owner of the business to ensure their deliveries are made without error. Second, the app lets customers know when their delivery is going to arrive so they can plan around it.

In addition, there will be a reduction in wait times as you can track delivery progress alongside order identification. You get better supply chain efficiency and more delivery accuracy.

How to Implement Real-Time Tracking

If you want to put real-time tracking in your food delivery apps, there are a few things to know.

First, make sure that you know the laws in your area or country regarding GPS tracking. For example, California forbids employers from tracking employees without written consent. In Illinois, an employer can only track company-issued vehicles and not employee-owned ones.

Next, you’ll need to either build the code yourself or use a software development agency. You could also do a combination of the two if you want more control over the project.

AI programming is another option, but you’ll need some level of expertise to understand how to make use of it. Luckily, some offer ongoing support to address any bugs and performance issues that come up. You’ll also get a fully customised solution for your satisfaction.

Always have your app direct customers to real-time tracking information as soon as they’re done with their orders. Failure to do so may result in some users becoming frustrated at not finding the page. You want to make things easier for them and put a focus on accessibility.

Build a Food Delivery App for the Customers

If you want to build a food delivery app that customers can rely on, then you’ll want to put in some kind of real-time tracking. It’s almost part of the service you provide when a customer looks to see when their order will arrive. They can plan around it and even meet up with the delivery driver downstairs before they knock on the door.

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