Facebook vs LinkedIn Advertising – Everything You Need to Know

Navigating the advertising waters can be a whale of a task for small business owners. The internet ocean is vast and filled with sharks, but the boats of Facebook and LinkedIn provide safe harbors. Each harbor is different, with its own set of navigational tools, service offerings, and treasure maps. In this blog post, we’ll hoist the mast and set sail on a voyage to compare the advertising landscapes of Facebook and LinkedIn, looking to equip you with the knowledge and tools to capture the big fish of your business marketing goals.

Understanding Your Audience

We can start by adjusting our sextant to the demographic constellations in the skies of Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is the more populous island, with a diverse range of inhabitants – from the youthful merfolk to the wise elders of the community. On LinkedIn, we find a more specialized ecosystem, a network of professionals often assembled from the finest schools of business and experience. When crafting your ads, you’ll need to speak their language – the colloquial speech of aspiration and connectivity for the Facebook dwellers, and the professional argot of leadership and industry for the LinkedIn populace.

Cost and Budgeting

Tracking the trade winds of ad costs can be a sporadic affair, with Facebook’s pricing waves tending to fluctuate more often due to its larger user base. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can sometimes resemble the steady swells of a deep-water current, generally demanding a higher price for its focused, professional advertising waters. To keep your ship afloat, consider setting a proportional lifeline – a budget that reflects the potential ROI and the reach you’re after on each platform.

Ad Format Comparison

Both harbors offer a variety of sails for your advertising vessel, from banners and side ads to sponsored posts that may dance like jellyfish throughout the news feeds of your targets. On Facebook, the visually captivating carousel ads can catch the eyes of onlookers, like a school of fish changing direction all at once. Meanwhile, LinkedIn’s sponsored content is similar to a formal invitation, stately and textured with the warmth of an open bar at a professional conference.

Targeting Capabilities

Stealth is the key when approaching your prey, and both Facebook and LinkedIn provide the camouflage, spotlights, and harpoons necessary for a successful hunt. Facebook’s targeting moves like an underwater current, subtly guiding users with personalized feeds based on their interests, behaviors, and connections. Conversely, LinkedIn’s ad campaigns are sharp-focused, hunting down their quarry via job titles, seniority, company names, and industry types, often leading to more precise targeting for those in B2B spaces. Contact King Kong to take that dreaded first step with campaigns. 

Campaign Management

Once your compass is pointed in the right direction, it’s all hands on deck for campaign management. Regularly chart your course with A/B testing; employ the crew for daily monitoring and adjusting of the sails. Remember, in the world of social media advertising – as at sea – uncharted waters make for nervous sailors. Stick to your maps, your algorithms, and your trusted compass – your business depends on it. Now, set sail and may your digital horizons be bountiful!

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