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All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) is a popular Roblox tower defense game featuring characters from various anime and manga series. Players must strategically place their characters to defend against waves of enemies seeking to destroy their base. With over 300 characters to collect and upgrade, each with unique abilities, mastering ASTD requires understanding key gameplay elements and formulating an effective tower defense strategy.

How to Redeem ASTD Codes

Codes are an easy way to gain free in-game rewards like gems, gold, and stardust to summon new units and power up your team. Here is how to redeem ASTD codes:

  1. Click on the blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen
  2. Enter an active ASTD code from a reliable source like the ASTD Wiki Codes page
  3. Click the green Redeem button to claim your rewards!

Be sure to redeem codes quickly before they expire. Also check the code’s requirements, as some are limited to higher-level players.

all star tower defense wiki

Getting Started with ASTD

When first starting ASTD, you will be introduced to basic tower defense mechanics like placing characters, upgrading, evolving, and managing your team’s placement during enemy waves.

Some key tips for new players:

  • Use early waves to set up – Take time to place characters in optimal positions to defend multiple paths.
  • Balance your team – Having only high DPS units may leave you vulnerable to rushes. Include crowd control and AOE effects.
  • Conserve resources – Only upgrade key damage dealers at first. Support units can wait.
  • Scout enemies – Check each wave in advance so you know what is coming.

Following these basic gameplay tips will help you safely progress through the early game.

How ASTD Tower Defense Works

If you are new to tower defense games, the core gameplay loop is:

  1. Build your defense during the prep phase between waves
  2. Survive the upcoming enemy wave
  3. Repeat to see how many waves you can endure
all star tower defense wiki

In ASTD, you place anime characters around the map to defend against enemies. During the build phase, you can:

  • Summon new units to deploy
  • Upgrade unit stats like damage and range
  • Evolve units to higher star grades for bonus effects
  • Position units to maximize their abilities

When the wave starts, your placed anime heroes will automatically attack approaching enemies. Your goal is to survive as many waves as possible against progressively stronger foes.

Understanding these tower defense basics is key to enjoying the complex strategy later on.

ASTD Meta: Building an Optimal Team

As you play through the ASTD story and take on the infinite mode leaderboards, you will want to construct an optimal team composition to push higher waves.

Some hallmarks of a strong ASTD meta build include:

  • High DPS – Key for defeating bosses and elites.
  • Crowd Control – Stuns, slows and knockbacks to stall enemies.
  • AOE Damage – For clearing out swarms of minions.
  • Support – Buffs, healing, and utility.
  • Evolutions – Unlock enhanced effects.

Balancing these elements will allow you to handle both single-target threats like bosses and huge swarms of minions at higher difficulties.

Here are some examples of top-tier ASTD meta units in each role:


  • Gojo
  • Ichigo
  • Bulma

Crowd Control

  • Frieza
  • Meta Knight
  • Jotaro


  • Madara
  • Todoroki
  • Zoro


  • Erwin
  • Bulma
  • Chopper

Having a varied mix of these meta-defining units, while also taking advantage of elemental weaknesses and level caps, is key to building a capable endgame team.

all star tower defense wiki

Mastering ASTD: Endgame Strategies

Reaching the higher waves and leaderboard rankings in ASTD Infinite requires optimized strategies and gameplay knowledge. Here are some key tips:

all star tower defense wiki

Stalling and Economy Management

  • Stall tough waves with crowd control units to build up cash between rounds
  • Funnel enemies into “kill zones” to maximize AOE damage
  • Only upgrade DPS carries, don’t waste cash on lower-tier units
  • Save up bonus waves to help beat your high score record

Positioning and Target Prioritization

  • Place AOE units near the front to quickly clear out swarms
  • Use knockbacks and slows to allow DPS units to focus fire
  • Target high-value enemies like bosses first
  • Cover multiple entrances to detect any leaks

Exploiting Enemy Elemental Weaknesses

  • Use fire units against wind enemies
  • Counter water foes with lightning damage
  • Mix both physical and energy damage types
  • Evolve units to add additional damage types

Reaching for the top of the leaderboards takes lots of practice, but also understanding these essential high-level strategies.


Mastering a complex tower defense game like All-Star Tower Defense requires learning basic gameplay mechanics, building optimized anime team compositions, and implementing next-level strategies.

Make sure to redeem active codes for free gems to unlock new heroes for your roster. Understanding these key gameplay elements will help you progress through the ASTD story mode and climb the competitive leaderboards in infinite mode.

There is lots of depth to explore with over 300 collectible anime characters, each with upgradable abilities and evolutions. Combining crowd control, AOE damage, single target DPS, and support effects is vital to defeating the deadly late-game waves.

Use the tips outlined in this guide to start gaining an advantage over your opponents. With practice, you too can become a top player on the All-Star Tower Defense leaderboards!

all star tower defense wiki
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