A Look into User-Friendly Key Elements of PMS Property Management Systems

If you are considering upgrading your hotel’s operating systems, you might need to prioritize the systems you overhaul due to budget constraints. Which are the most important to keep up to date and which ones will offer the most benefit to your management team, staff, and customers if you upgrade them?  

There is an argument to be made for almost any software, but PMS property management systems are some of the most important for hoteliers. These systems are a cornerstone of the way today’s hospitality businesses operate and modernizing yours will make things easier for your staff and better for your guests.  

Here are some of the key qualities to look for in PMS property management systems – and the benefits of upgrading yours:


Complexity often yields confusion when it comes to software systems. PMS property management systems are no exception. No matter how many features a system offers, too much complexity can make the program difficult to navigate and therefore hard to use. Simplifying your system can not only make it easier to use, but to understand. It is one less hurdle your team members will encounter on their way to improving productivity and efficacy.  


Good technology meets users where they are. Using your management system should feel like the software is intuiting every move your team makes before they make it, easing the way for their tasks as they go. Using familiar patterns and conventions in the interface makes using these programs more natural. It also minimizes new training or guidance, since employees can fall back on things they already understand.  


A hotel or resort is full of employees who are already working hard. Your property management software should not make their work any harder. A good system should ensure that every component is optimized for maximum efficiency. This makes your team’s tasks easier, ensuring that tasks can be handled with minimal effort and in the shortest possible timeframe. This means things like batch processing, drag-and-drop functionality, one-click processing, and much more.  

Visually Clear 

Too many moving parts can make even the best program or application difficult to use. Visual simplicity and clarity should be a priority in the design of every part of a good software solution for property management.  


No two businesses operate the same way, so why should every business be forced to use identical property management solutions? The most user-friendly systems are also the most customizable, offering your team the opportunity to make the system their own. Not only should they be able to tailor the system to their individual preferences, but also to their workflow. By making the technology work for you instead of making your employees bend those preferences and habits to fit the system, you empower them to make the most of the technology.  


Your employees are likely a diverse group of people. Today, employers in most fields are required to employ people regardless of disability or the need for accommodation. This means that any management system your team uses must include necessary accommodations to ensure that they are accessible to every team member. Keep every person on your staff on the same page and comply with all state and federal guidelines for accessibility by upgrading to a modern property management solution.  

Available Feedback 

Ensuring accuracy and a deep understanding of the actions your staff is taking is important to make them efficient at their jobs. One way to offer this is through feedback – the more prompt, the more effective. Some ways a good management system might do this are by providing evaluation tools, descriptive error messages, and confirmation dialogue boxes. This ensures that your employees truly understand what they are doing at every step.  

Continually Improving  

You expect your employees to constantly be working toward a better way of doing things. Whether it is greater efficiency, better customer service, or other elements of their everyday operations, your entire team is always looking for ways to improve. You should expect the same from your property management system. A good solution for property management adapts to your property’s needs as they grow and change, serving your business better all the time.  


Today’s businesses use many different types of devices to carry out everyday tasks. Even accepting payments might require multiple devices and screens. Ensuring that your property management solution is responsive across all these different devices makes it easier to use for everyone on your team.  

Fully Supported 

Any time your business adopts new software, there will be a period of adjustment. No matter how streamlined and intuitive the system is, it will take time to make it second nature – and your team will need support along the way. Solid customer service and technical support are some of the most important elements of a successful property management system and will make life easier for everyone at your property as they make the switch! 

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