Sustainable Cleaning with Roborock: Eco-Friendly Features and Practices

Founded in 2014 and having headquarters located in Beijing, Roborock has been nothing but a success story unfolding and has moved ahead of its competition in a relatively short space of time. 

Only releasing its first products to the public in 2016, we’ve already witnessed various new series and upgrades, including expansion to start creating other instruments for their vacuums.

Therefore, Roborock makes the plan to manifest a new reality where smart robots free humans from daily chores and make them give them time for other activities. The company’s vision is to produce and sell sophisticated solutions that make lives easier.

Roborock Hit the Market With a Bang

In 2016, the first product from Roborock was Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. The Mi Robot Vacuum was flying off the shelves and soon became one of the best-selling robotic vacuums in terms of volume sold anywhere on earth. 

In 2018, Roborock presented the second generation product, S5, which brought many improvements and new features.

However, currently, Robrook manufactures robotic vacuum cleaners that include the likes of the S6 and S7. Among the features of these products are improved mapping and navigation, stronger suction power, as well as smart functions that increase productivity in cleaning.

Rapid Expansion Into New Areas

Roborick has also ventured into other aspects of home automation besides robotic vacuum cleaners. 

The firm has created a library of smart home devices, including air purifiers and intelligent speakers, that integrate with its robot vacuum cleaners to provide an end–to–end solution for comprehensive house automation.

Eco-Friendly Features and Practices

Its goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of its products through: 

  • Reusable Materials
  • Low energy usage 
  • And life-cycle reduction…

Here’s a look at their features:

  • Maintenance-free docking systems: Roborock provides various smart docking boxes that can autonomously empty the dustbin, clean and dry mop, and fill in water. This automatically minimises manual intervention and eventually saves both time and water as well as energy.
  • Intelligent route planning: Leveraging LiDAR, OpticEye and ReactiveAI technologies, robot vacuums from Roborock navigate rooms through optimal cleaning paths. This eliminates repetition and enables an effective coverage of the whole floor.
  • Multi-surface cleaning: These robot vacuums have the ability to take up any floor ranging from hardwood, tile or carpet. They have the ability to self-adjust suction power and mopping pressure based on the surface, resulting in a maximum cleaning effect without wasting resources. 
  • App control: The Roborock app allows for controlling and customising. Customers can adjust schedules, choose cleaning modes, check the battery life and so on. This makes the user experience more flexible and convenient, as well as allows for control of their robot vacuum’s energy. 
  • Pet-friendly: The advantages of Roborock robot vacuums are that these cleaners can detect pets’ bowls, toys and beds as obstacles to avoid them; they reduce the noise level during operation while also minimising disturbance. They also have the ability to suitably remove pet hairs and general things that come from animals from the ground which helps keep the home’s air cleaner in addition to the cleanliness of a home.

There are a number of Roborock robot vacuum models that have various characteristics and specifications. You can compare them on their official website or read more about them on the following pages:

S8 Series

Roborock’s most advanced and feature-rich robot vacuum is the S8 series. It has a DuoRoller brush, VibraRise mopping system, Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance and a hands-free Rock Dock. It can provide up to 600 Pa of suction force and work for three hours.

S7 Series

The S7 is a multi-functional and efficient robot vacuum cleaner that has the feature of auto-empty docking. It comes with a VibraRise mopping system, up to 2500 Pa max suction power and ReactiveAI 2.0 obstacle avoidance technology It is capable of providing up to 180 minutes runtime and as much as 300 grams of mopping pressure. A premium product!

Q7 Series

The Q7 series is a robot vacuum that provides auto-empty docking and can be afforded by all. It has a 2700 Pa max suction, an OpticEye navigation system and a 180 ml water tank. The battery can provide up to 150 minutes of runtime and 200 grams of mop pressure. Impressive!

E5 Series

The E5 is a basic yet dependable robot vacuum that features standard functions and performance. It comes with a 2500 Pa suction, a dustbin volume of 640 ml, and OpticEye navigation. It is capable of producing up to 150 minutes of runtime and a weight force of mopping about 150 grams.

So, as you can see, Roborock, although a relatively young company, has taken this niche market by storm and made it their own, they have stolen a march on their competition, and it would take heavy research and development by any other company in the sector to potentially knock them off their perch. 


In general, Roborock is a company that focuses on applying technology to enhance the lives of people. Household activities are simpler and more eco-friendly, which is its mission. With machines already now in use in hospitals, airports and other industrial areas, it seems the possibilities, especially with the rapid growth of AI, are endless for them. Keep watching out for them!

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