Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wig: Why You Need to Own One

A frontal lace wig is a versatile and popular hair accessory. It provides a natural-looking hairline. The front is created with a sheer lace base. This wig blends with the skin and makes it look as if the hair is growing directly from the scalp. Frontal lace wigs give you a realistic and stylish option for fashion or hair loss solutions. It allows wearers to try different hairstyles and maintain a realistic appearance.

Benefits of Wearing Luvme Frontal Lace Wig


One of the interesting parts of a Frontal Lace wig is its versatility. It allows you to style your wigs to your preference, be it ponytails or middle or side parts. They offer you a natural hairline, which gives you the leverage to style your hair however you want. 

Less Installation Time

Frontal lace wigs require little time to install compared to the others. They are also easy to install; no stress is required. It takes about 2 hours to install a natural hair extension, while an average hour is required to install a frontal lace wig. For individuals who wish to spend less time installing a wig or protecting their natural hair, a frontal lace wig is the best option.


Frontal lace wigs are comfortable and lighter in weight than many other wigs. This makes it comfortable, especially in hot weather or when wearing it for a long time. A frontal lace wig gives allowances for a constant flow of air, which helps your scalp breathe more easily because the lace is so sheer.

Types of Frontal Lace Wig

HD Lace Front

The HD lace is one of a kind because of its thinness and visibility. They blend perfectly with your skin tone when placed on your scalp because of its thinness. The color is suitable for most people. HD lace is suitable for anyone with any skin tone, and it is also a natural wig.

Mini Lace Front

The small section of lace that is placed where the hair starts is a mini lace front. They are always shaped as a triangle, and what they do is give you enough lift to help part your hair off your face. 

Traditional Lace Front

Among wig brands, the traditional lace front is the most popular. To ensure the wig is worn away from the face, the sheer lace material is laid across the middle portion of the forehead, and they still look natural. 

Extended Lace Front

The soft lace material in an extended lace front extends across the forehead and connects to the front portion of the ear tabs. For those who like ponytail hairstyles or half-up half-down hairstyles, an extended lace front is the best option. They give allowances for headbands or decorative hair pins. 

Comfort Lace Front

This lace front has two layers of lace material. The two layers are one standard lace layer and a layer of soft Swiss lace. The Soft Swiss lace provides comfort, while the standard lace layer provides durability. For individuals experiencing irritation with traditional lace front, the soft Swiss lace is the best option because it touches the scalp.

Differences Between Closure and Frontal Wigs


  • Closure Wig: This is designed to cover the top of the head. It’s a small piece of lace with hair attached to it. Closure wigs are always placed in the middle above the natural hair part.
  • Frontal Wig: A frontal covers a larger portion of the front of the head compared to a closure wig. The hairline looks so natural, and this gives access to versatile parting options.

Parting Options

  • Closure Wig: Provides limited parting options since it is usually placed in the middle of the head.
  • Frontal Wig: Offers more flexibility with parting. Your hair can be patted in different ways,  including the middle, side, or even pulled back for a ponytail.


  • Closure Wig: For individuals who prefer a simple and natural look, a closure wig is the best option. They provide a smaller coverage area.
  • Frontal Wig: This wig provides a dramatic look with a natural hairline. They provide a larger coverage area.

Styling Versatility

  • Closure Wig: This wig is versatile but may be limited when it comes to styling because it’s smaller in size.
  • Frontal Wig: This wig can be styled away from the face without exposing the wig’s edges. It gives allowance for a more seamless appearance.

Natural Hairline

  • Closure Wig:  It provides a natural hairline in the center of the head. 
  • Frontal Wig: This wig looks exactly like a natural hairline from ear to ear. It gives you a more realistic appearance.


  • Closure Wig: This wig requires less maintenance because it covers a smaller area.
  • Frontal Wig: Blending the frontal with natural hair requires more care and attention.

Where Can I Buy Frontal Lace Wigs?

If you’re in search of a frontal lace wig, Luvme Hair offers the best quality. Luvme Hair sells different types of frontal wigs based on your choice, like kinky straight wig. They offer nothing but the best quality at an affordable price. Visit the website to know more.


 A frontal lace wig allows people to show off their style with confidence, and this makes it a best option accessory. You can style your wig in different ways. It is a popular choice for those who want natural-looking hair. This article has provided information on different types of frontal lace wigs and why you should consider them in your hair collection.

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