Lord of the Flies Map

The Lord of the Flies map project is an engaging and insightful activity for students reading the classic novel. By creating a map of the fictional island setting, students reinforce their understanding of key events, landmarks, and symbolic elements of the story. This hands-on project boosts comprehension, creativity, and analysis skills.

Benefits for Students

Creating a Lord of the Flies map has several learning benefits:

  • Improves close reading and evidence collection from the text
  • Let students showcase creativity in designing the map
  • Provides a visual summary reinforcing memory of the plot and setting
  • Allows analysis of symbolism related to geography
  • Can be used for extensions like bulletin boards to inspire discussion

Project Framework

The framework and instructions for the Lord of the Flies map project are flexible but should include:

Medium and Format of the Lord of the Flies Map

  • Physical (hand-drawn) or digital map
  • Consider materials like poster paper versus online map software

A Detailed Structure of the Lord of the Flies Map

  • Researching and collecting evidence from the novel
  • Drafting and finalizing the map
  • Writing an explanatory paragraph

Assessing the Lord of the Flies Map Project

  • Grading rubric components (accuracy, relevance, visual appeal)
  • Using the maps for extensions like bulletin boards

Lord of the Flies Map Elements

  • Label key landmarks like the mountain, castle rock, platform
  • Mark events from each chapter, using a legend with quotes
  • Create symbols and visuals representing themes
  • Use color, shapes, and text effectively

Grading and Assessment

The Lord of the Flies map project can be assessed using a rubric evaluating:

  • Accuracy of novel evidence
  • Relevance of selected events and details
  • Use of formatting, color, symbols, text, and visual appeal
  • Quality of explanatory paragraph


Creating an annotated map is an engaging way for students to connect with the rich symbolism and meaning of Lord of the Flies map. With some guidance and creativity, the map project yields a dynamic interactive analysis of this classic novel.

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