ROI of Enterprise-Grade Printing and Copier in Los Angeles

The decision to upgrade office equipment represents a major investment for organizations of all sizes. Especially when investing in enterprise-level multifunction printers and copiers that carry a hefty upfront cost. However, by streamlining printing infrastructure with advanced devices tailored for high-volume usage, businesses can achieve outstanding long-term returns through significant cost and resource reductions. This article explores the tangible financial and operational benefits enterprises in sprawling business hubs like Los Angeles experience upon implementing a customized enterprise-grade printing solution.

Understanding Enterprise-Grade Printing and Copier

Los Angeles enterprises have access to a broad range of heavy-duty printing systems purpose-built for maximizing productivity in fast-paced workplaces. Companies like Complete Document Solutions, Inc. (CDS) provide specialized printing and copier solutions in Los Angeles featuring:

  • Faster print speeds (up to 100+ pages per minute)
  • Large paper capacities reduce refill frequency
  • Enhanced print quality up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Double-sided printing capability
  • Secure print release features
  • Integration with cloud storage platforms
  • User authentication requirements

These enterprise-grade copiers and printers deliver paramount scalability, versatility, and robustness, enabling organizations to streamline printing and copying functions for hundreds of employees quickly and securely. The focused power allows workgroups enterprise-wide to route all print jobs to a few specialized machines instead of relying on multiple desktop units for everyday needs.

By tailoring cutting-edge enterprise printing infrastructure to their distinct requirements with CDS’ help, LA corporations can maximize productivity, efficiency and workplace security through centralized, heavy-duty devices designed for nonstop use in today’s demanding business landscape. Some critical capabilities of enterprise-grade devices include:

Cost Savings and Efficiency

By consolidating printing functions into a few specialized machines, businesses can save significantly on equipment costs and toner/ink expenses. Features like duplex printing and secure pull-printing help reduce wasted pages.

Improved Productivity

With faster engines and enhanced connectivity, enterprise printers minimize wait times for employees. Integrations with cloud tools like Dropbox increase convenience.

Enhanced Print Quality

Enterprise printers offer outstanding 2400 x 1200 dpi print resolution for creating presentation and signage materials with professional sharpness, crispness, and clarity impossible via standard desktop models. Many also handle heavy 110 lb cover media stock far thicker than basic 20 lb copy variants, enabling full-color, in-house printing of high-impact brochures, pamphlets, booklets, posters, and more up to 300 GSM thickness. The robust media handling expands creative options and applications for enterprise users’ communication materials without outsourcing larger, special orders.

Advanced Security Measures

Hardware and software security capabilities prevent unauthorized access and data leaks. Secure print release, encrypted data transmission, user authentication, and HDD wiping protect sensitive information.

Sustainability Benefits

Along with the operational advantages, enterprise-grade printing also offers sustainability perks:

Resource Reduction

Default duplex printing, pull-printing, and ink/toner saving modes significantly cut paper usage. Some devices utilize recycled plastic and are rated EPEAT Silver or Gold.

Energy Efficiency

Newer models utilize less energy, some meeting EPA ENERGY STAR guidelines. Low-power modes save electricity without sacrificing performance. CDS provides eco-friendly disposal and recycling of old equipment.

Case Studies

Many Los Angeles corporations and organizations have already experienced the ROI benefits of upgrading their printing infrastructure:

Apparel Clothing Manufacturer

After switching to enterprise-grade multifunction printers provided by CDS, they reduced device energy consumption by 62% and paper usage by almost 20,000 sheets per month through automatic duplex printing and pull-printing.

Los Angeles County Office

Implementing secure enterprise photocopier devices with ID card-based access provided Los Angeles County with enhanced control over sensitive documents. Print costs dropped by 30% since less equipment and supplies were needed.

Factors Influencing ROI

Several factors play into determining the potential return on investing in enterprise-grade printing:

Long-Term Cost Analysis

Looking beyond just the initial purchase cost and calculating the 5+ year lifecycle expense is key. Efficiency features end up providing significant savings over time.

Future-Proofing Investments

Choosing adaptable, upgradeable equipment ensures the printing infrastructure can scale to meet future business changes.


While upgrading printing systems represents a notable investment, as illustrated by the real-life case studies, implementing enterprise-grade printers and copiers can provide Los Angeles businesses major efficiency gains, security protections, cost reductions, and sustainability advantages that significantly boost their return on investment. To determine the customized ROI and ideal enterprise-grade printing solutions for your organization, contact the experts at Complete Document Solutions, Inc. (CDS).

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