6 Recent Advances in the Field of Quantum Computing

6 Recent Advances in the Field of Quantum Computing

The field of quantum computing is an advanced and continuously evolving one, especially since it’s used in a lot of different fields. However, quantum computers are different from standard ones, since, while standard ones are used in day-to-day activities and basic jobs, quantum computers are reserved for situations in which a high level of computational power is needed, such as to solve equations.

Google’s Demonstration

One of the greatest roadblocks in the further adoption of quantum computers is that, historically, they haven’t been as good at certain tasks as traditional computers have been. Quantum computers can solve complex equations and perform many other tasks but have more trouble running websites and applications than expected. However, in 2019, Google showed off a high-powered quantum computer that they then compared to a traditional supercomputer, showing off which one would be able to perform a massive task in a shorter time, and, while the supercomputer gave a calculated end date of thousands of years in the future, the quantum computer was able to finish the task in 3 minutes, showing that quantum computers have already overtaken their traditional counterparts in many respects.

Increasing Qubits

Unlike traditional computers, quantum machines function using tiny pieces called qubits that help them perform calculations and do a variety of other tasks, and, to improve the speed and power a quantum computer has, you’d have to increase the number of qubits it possesses. In recent years, scientists all over the world have gotten more and more skilled at cramming qubits and more computational power into the same computers at a fraction of the cost of what it once was, and, as a result, the world is solving complex equations more and faster since the past few years. 

Creating Cloud Services

Cloud services are a part of modern life that has made computing incredibly easy and accessible to many people, whether they’re using it recreationally or as part of a job since they have access to remote servers that can handle complex tasks like storing data or doing research. The field of quantum computing hasn’t had this benefit, which means that computational power has been limited for years. However, now, a few companies are creating cloud services that have allowed institutions to use this power to solve tasks regardless of the hardware they have at their disposal.

Quantum Networking

Similar to the invention of cloud-based technology, quantum networking is another recently developed technology that has increased the amount of computational power available to everyone that owns a quantum computer. It works just as the earliest versions of the internet did, with quantum devices all over the world being linked together, which turns them from different devices to one major connected “device” that has massive computational power, and, using this power, researchers may be able to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Quantum computers have another advantage when it comes to adapting to modern life: recent innovations have allowed them to become more advanced and better at communication, which has resulted in messages that are being sent over long distances being perfectly encrypted and immune to data breaches. Major governments and companies have begun using these systems to communicate for this very reason, and that’s why more and more development is being poured into this area of quantum computing.

Advancement in Simulations

One of the primary use cases of quantum computers in healthcare is through their simulations. Classiq is an emerging quantum computing company that has been at the forefront of this technology, and their work and the work of thousands of other experts have allowed the simulations generated by quantum computers to become so advanced that they are now capable of predicting how people will react to medicine before human trials even begin.


Quantum computers are a part of everyday life that are seldom given the recognition they truly deserve, as many of the processes that allow daily life to continue as it does depend on this computer. It can solve anything from city layouts and traffic issues to coordinates that space-faring ships use once they’ve left Earth, and that’s why they need to evolve and change with the times, increasing what they can do with each passing year. 

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