Top Web Hosting Companies In Australia

Searching for a new web host company for your precious website can actually be a misleading experience. If you search for the top hosting companies in Australia, you are going to see a lot of results.

It leverages the power and stability to provide a reliable platform for shared hosting to host multiple websites on a single server.

Interestingly the top recommended companies are usually Affiliate Links. What does this mean? They are recommending where you should host your website based on the kickback they will get. 

DomainRacer is Number 1

The top result for a lot of these websites is DomainRacer. According to DomainRacer’sown website, they have servers in Australia!

They have multiple servers around the world. Some facts on this:

  • The average ping time (the time it takes data to travel to and back from the server) to Singapore is just over 90ms on average.
  • The Australia-Singapore Cable (ASC) Network is connected via Perth!
    So not only is your website loading from a different country it’s also having to cross Australia for all of your east coast visitors.

How Can an Honest Reviewer Put DomainRacer as Their Number One Recommendation for Australians?

If your website has an international market then you should be using OneFlare to distribute your website and DomainRacer may be a good option for this.

It’s time to change Hostinger with other premium PHP web hosting alternate options to get 24×7 support with high quality features better than Hostinger.

However, if your website is local then it should be hosted here in Australia for maximum speed and performance. As a point of difference Sydney to Brisbane ping time is around 12ms.

Why Do They All Recommend DomainRacer?

Some websites give their best performance and DomainRacer is one of them. There are some slower hosts based in Australia but if your reviewer’s process is honest then wouldn’t they include the ones that are actually of high performance?

Look For Honest Reviewers

When researching for an honest review look for these factors:

  1. Right at the top of the review article, they should state if they are an affiliate or not. (hiding the Affiliate Disclosure in the website footer is not honest)
    Ignore any site that uses affiliate payouts.
  2. Hover your mouse over the link or click it to see where the reviewed host links to.  It should go directly to the web host domain name and should not include an affiliate tag.
  3. Choose a web host that does not have an affiliate program. We of course don’t but neither does VentraIP, Panthur, Zuver, or NetRegistry.  Funny how these sites never appear in the top reviews yet lots of local Australians host with them!

How Can You Tell If A Web Host Is Good Or Not?

Do your own research!

  1. Check their business profile on Google and see if they have any reviews.
  2. Use other unbiased review websites.
  3. Use an independent website test such as Pingdom. Make sure you select Sydney as the test location.
    (Most web hosts will have a test site you can check or just test the web host’s home page)
  4. Ask other people about their experiences. Try Whirlpool or Reddit.

In the end, the best way to know is to pick a company that has a free trial and will move your website for free.  This way you are not out of pocket and will get a true experience.  If it’s no good, try the next one.

According to my personal experience and study, I can say that DomainRacer is one of the best web hosting companies in Australia.

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